A More Natural Breast Shape

breast augmentation procedure

Before and after image of a breast augmentation procedure (front view).

The Sientra teardrop implants

mimic the shape of natural breasts with more fullness at the base of the implants with a gradual taper off near the top of the implants.

Anatomically shaped breast implants

are also textured to help prevent rotation or distortion. The primary benefit of the anatomically shaped breast implant is that they slope off the chest wall more subtly, providing a more natural look.

Textured implants don’t move as freely in the pocket as seen with the smooth, round breast implant. Textured implants tend to maintain their position better, decreasing the possibility for drifting outward or down. These implants seem to be less associated with pocket correction surgery following the initial procedure.

Additional Profile Options

As with the smooth, round style of implants, the anatomically shaped breast implant also comes in different profiles. We all have a very different breast shape, so there has to be a variety of profiles to fit different breast measurements.

Sientra has created a number of anatomically shaped implants that have a round or oval bases, and some that offer more projection than others. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Broadway will recommend styles and sizes that he believes will provide the result you are looking for, but you will have the opportunity to make the best and final choices concerning your breast implants.

What You Should Know

The anatomically shaped breast implant needs to be implanted by experienced surgeons only. This implant is more difficult to implant and has to be placed in just the right place for the patient to receive the best result, so don’t trust your body to just any plastic surgeon who says they offer the textured tear-shaped implant.

The teardrop-shaped breast implant is more expensive than the smooth, round breast implant. These costs will be reviewed with you during your consultation, as well as all of the pros and cons of the different implants available.