Anna's Breast Augmentation Story

      I cannot tell your prospective patients enough about Dr. Broadway's office and my personal journey with my breast augmentation.

      I LOVE the results! It can be so daunting to do the research, evaluate the benefits vs. risks, let alone choose a doctor you trust with your life and body. My research began about six years before I actually got the surgery done, and I am beyond thrilled that I found Dr. Broadway. I did not enter into this procedure lightly (although I wish I could've — I'm a VERY analytical person, so I had to weigh pros and cons and physicians for years).

Two kids later,

       I came to the time that was right for me. Dr. Broadway's staff was so reassuring and NEVER pressuring. No matter how many questions I had, they were patient and accommodating. I LOVED the responsiveness of Nicole and Dr. Broadway's staff prior to surgery, and Amy and Dr. Broadway have been AMAZING after surgery. It is a life-change, so there is a LOT to consider.

     I am so grateful that I chose the PERFECT doctor with the PERFECT staff and the PERFECT size implant for me. They NEVER pushed for one result or the other — they just made it clear that the only result they wanted to achieve was the result that I wanted for myself.

      There are risks involved, and the best thing you can do to avoid those risks is to choose Dr. Broadway and follow his instructions! I can't wait for swimsuit season, and one of my dearest friends has already scheduled her consult!!! ":-) Thanks to all of you, Anna.

-Dr. Broadway is a quadruple certified plastic suregeon, which there are very few plastic surgeons with this high of credentials. His expertise reflects how well you will be treated at the Renewal Plastic srugery center.