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Celebrity Boob Jobs

celebrity boob jobs

Celebrities are put on a pedestal, especially here in the United States. They have a huge impact on what society thinks is sexy because so many people look up to them. There is a huge number of Hollywood starlets who have undergone plastic surgery and […]

Dressing Your Nipples for Success

nip slip

Whether you’re trying to cover them up or show them off, nipples factor into a woman’s wardrobe. Nipples will either add a sexy suggestion or an unwelcome distraction to your outfit. In many cases, it’s okay to reveal most of your breast but nipples are considered […]

Picture Perfect Sexts


Whether you’re posting it to social media or keeping it private, you want to look good if you’re taking a topless photo. Here are some tips to snap the perfect sexy selfie.

Before you take the picture…

First of all, nude and topless photos should be empowering. Don’t send […]

Swimsuits for any Size Chest

swimsuit tops

Something every woman dreads is possibly losing their bathing suit top while swimming. Sometimes, the most fashionable swimsuit top isn't necessarily the most practical for every woman. It’s best to know your body and pick out a swimsuit that will keep your ladies in tow. But that doesn’t mean you have […]

Breast Implants Come to Life with VECTRA 3D Imaging

When it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures, breast implants are the most common. Plus, they continue to rise in popularity year after year. With such a huge number that consider undergoing cosmetic surgery, there are surprisingly few ways to imagine what you’d look like afterward. Stuffing a bra just doesn’t give the same effect as […]

Breast Implant History

breast implant history

Would you get breast implants in 1895? The answer is most likely no. Believe it or not, that was the year of the very first breast implant surgery. The procedure has come a long way since then. In fact, a lot of people go back […]

Women’s Health Myths: Debunked

health myths

Just because you read something on the internet doesn’t mean it’s fact. I’d go as far to say that most things on the web are just a matter of opinion. Especially when it comes to women’s health care. The media, magazines and the internet are all […]

Denver Breast-The Underside of Style


As time goes on, we’ve seen the rise and fall of many different styles. Sometimes, things that were popular in a different era make a comeback. It’s very hard to be unique in a world where it seems like everything has already been done. In fact, even […]

Bra style guide

bra styles

Not only are bras a staple in any woman's closet, but they are becoming more and more of a fashion accessory. You can layer bras of different patterns, there are many different materials to choose from, multiple colors and each one offers a degree of support. […]

Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

breast reconstruction

Among women, the leading form of cancer throughout the world is breast cancer. In fact, breast cancer makes up around 25% of all cases found. These days, the survival rate for those diagnosed with breast cancer is very high. However, the treatment is intense and most […]