Denver Breast Augmentation Cost and Financing

Cost is an important factor in making your breast augmentation decision. However, you should never use cost as a factor in making a decision about your breast surgeon or your breast augmentation procedure. You are seeking breast augmentation to improve the appearance of your breasts. It is unlikely you will save enough money to justify settling for a poor cosmetic result. Revision surgery is likely to be more expensive than your initial procedure and will far outweigh any savings.

You should never work with a discount surgeon if you have any questions about the surgeon’s skill or experience. In addition to a poor cosmetic result, working with a surgeon in whom you have anything but complete confidence may put your health at risk. No amount of savings is worth risking your health.

You should not have breast augmentation if you cannot afford the procedure. At the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery, we work hard to provide breast augmentation you can afford.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Starts at Approximately $7,500.

Results of a 250cc implant breast augmentation.

Your breast augmentation costs include:

  • lab work.
  • a surgeon’s fee.
  • O.R. fees.
  • anesthesia.
  • breast implants.
  • all follow-up visits with Dr. Broadway and our staff.


Breast Procedure Costs:

Breast Augmentation: $7,500 – $8,600

Breast Augmentation w/ Mastopexy: $10,000 – $14,000

Mastopexy only: $9,000 – $11,000

Remove and Replace Breast Implants: $7,000 – $12,000

Breast Augmentation Financing

We offer a variety of breast augmentation surgery financing options suitable for everyone’s needs, giving you the ability to have the surgery or treatment you want today.



  1. Visit patient and click the button to submit a loan inquiry.
  2. Enter the provider number for Dr. David Broadway which is 008 655.
  3. Enter your information and wait for your loan decision.
  4. Select a loan offer* and verify personal information.
  5. Receive Funds Via direct deposit.

*Loan offers are given by independent lenders based on approved credit. Not everyone will qualify. Prosper Healthcare Lending is not itself a lender. We do not make loans or loan decisions. We help you inquire about a loan by sharing your information with independent lenders that may be interested in lending you the money you need for the treatments you are considering.

Phone number: 1-888-602-6066

Breast Augmentation Financing

Care Credit

6 and 12 months (no interest)
24, 36, 48 and 60 months 14.9%

Loan Amount:
3 months – no minimum
6-12 months – $300 minimum
24-48 months – $1,000 minimum
60 months – $2,500 minimum
(no maximum loan amount)

Phone number: 1-800-365-8295
Fax number: 1-800-867-7773