Breast Implant RemovalBreast Implants

Choosing to have your breast implants removed is a personal decision. Some women want a smaller breast size because of weight gain or because their implants have been damaged, shifted or ruptured. Some women may consider breast implant removal because their breasts became droopy over time. Whatever your reasons, we are happy to discuss your options to safely and effectively remove your implants.



Breast Implant Removal Procedure

Implant Removal Results

Before and after image of a breast implant removal.

You could be offered a local anesthetic or local anesthesia with IV sedation, depending on your needs. An incision is made under your breast, often using your old incisional scar, to remove your implants. If you have saline implants, they may be drained before they are removed to make the procedure easier. This also helps ensure that we make as small of an incision as possible.



You should experience minimal swelling and bruising in the breast area. This should pass within a few days. Most patients return to normal activities within one to two days after their surgery. Many patients return to normal activities the following day. Recovery is generally quick and pain free.

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