Breast Implant RevisionBreast Revision Denver

Breast implant revision corrects volume loss or restores the shape of the breasts.

Common Reasons for Breast Implant Revision Surgery:

  • wanting to change breast implant size
  • wanting to improve the breasts' natural feel and appearance
  • problems with the implant


    • implant malposition
    • rippling
    • implant asymmetry
    • rippling
    • Synmastia (loss of separation between the two breasts)
  • problems with patient's tissue characteristics


    • snoopy deformity (lower breast quadrant tightness)
    • areolas that appear too large
    • tuberous breasts
    • thinning of the breast tissue
  • correcting capsular contractures

If you have grown dissatisfied with your breast augmentation over time or are experiencing problems, Dr. Broadway can discuss your options. Please note, it is important to know what type, size and style of implant you have from your initial surgery. Having this information will be helpful to you and your surgeon while making decisions about removal or replacement surgery.

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