Patient Stories and Testimonials

We would like to offer you some highly personal stories told by some of our patients.

In each of these women's cases, there was a decision-making period when they looked hard at the options to enhance their appearance through cosmetic surgery. Deciding to go ahead with a surgery is rarely an easy decision. These patients all researched their procedure beforehand to help ensure a very successful outcome.

We place a high priority on patient education, and Dr. Broadway is always happy to help explain things and answer any questions you have. We hope these patient stories will help you think through your decision and inspire you with confidence about your final results. Also, please check out our Before and After Gallery.


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Denver Breast Testimonials

L.B.'s Breast Rupture / Augmentation Journey – "You Are a True Artist"

I had always been a small B, but after breast feeding two children, I was sad to see my already small chest shrink to a AA. Even sports bras were baggy on me. After doing a fair amount of research, I decided to go in for a consult for breast implants. At that time, in 2001, I could have elected to go into a study on Silicone implants, or simply selected salines. I decided I liked the idea of saline implants better, as if they ruptured I wouldn't have to worry about any loose silicone roaming around my body, and, they were already approved by the FDA.

On October 4th, 2001, I became the proud recipient of textured, round, 350cc overfilled to 375cc low profile saline implants with a crease incision. I loved my saline implants, although I could always feel them. There was slight rippling on the sides, but nothing that others would or did notice, even in a bathing suit. As I "dropped and fluffed," I could feel the implants at the crease as well. Still, I loved them, and they looked great in a bathing suit, sports bras, etc. They made me feel more confident.

I went scuba diving with them, I went on international flights and carried my heavy luggage, skied, ran, swam, biked, worked out with a personal trainer and kept my pectorals pretty active, and I often slept on my stomach. They were a part of me.

Then, nearly seven years after my breast augmentation, I was on vacation, and I went to take a nap and laid down on my back while in my bathing suit. When I woke up, I looked down, and POOF – my right boob had totally deflated. While I knew it was a risk with Saline implants, I figured I would be in the 96% of the population that does not experience deflation, especially as there was absolutely no trauma at the time of deflation. The ruptured implant was a bit uncomfortable as my skin quickly shrunk around it, but otherwise, as promised, there were no ill side effects.

Once I returned to Colorado, I made arrangements for two consults. One was with Dr. Broadway, as my original surgeon had retired. Nicole from Dr. Broadway's office quickly responded to my internet inquiry and provided a lot of great information.

Since my original surgery, Mentor had gotten their "Memory Gel" implants approved by the FDA, and I did some research on those. Even if you cut them, the gel is cohesive and doesn't detach from itself. I knew that even if I had a rupture, although harder to detect without ultrasound (which, since the silicone doesn't move around your body, didn't bother me), I would never have to face the deflation situation again – nor would there be floating silicone in my body. Additionally, everyone said they were so much nicer.

Dr. Broadway and his staff patiently answered my questions and helped me select a size that would give me the same size result I had from my saline implants. The office was peaceful, and I also liked that the sign in sheet was confidential. The surgery facility was like a mini-hospital, and it was right next to the office! I was nervous about the anesthesia, and they quickly gave me the phone number of the recommended anesthesiologist, Liz, so that I could call her and feel more comfortable.

The day of surgery I was a bit nervous, having been through it before, and I worried about the pain. Liz did an incredible job with the IV sedation as I had no nausea whatsoever (I had nausea after my first breast augmentation), and Dr. Broadway took extra care to modify my "pockets" and position my new implants perfectly – even though it meant more time in surgery. He wanted to get it right – a goal we shared!

The first time I touched them I nearly cried — not from pain, but because they felt REAL. My boobs and my implants no longer feel like two different things. I can't stop touching them. No ripples, no water balloon feeling, just squishy boobs. I thought I loved my salines until I felt my new silicones. As it turns out, the rupture of my saline implant was one of the best things to happen to my boobs. If that didn't happen, I wouldn't be experiencing the wonder of the new silicones.

Thank you Dr. Broadway and your amazing staff, especially Nicole and Becky. You are a true artist, and your entire team could not be more friendly and supportive.

Warm Regards,



Joanna's Breast Augmentation Story – "I Proudly Recommend Dr. Broadway"

Recently I went for my annual mammogram and was extremely happy when the radiologist commented to the nurse that my breast augmentation was the best he had seen! I was told that he sees a lot of breast implants, and too many are badly done. Apparently his wife was interested in having breast augmentation, and he had been against the idea—but this may have changed his mind as he requested the name of my surgeon.

I proudly recommended Dr. Broadway!



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Jen's Breast Augmentation Story – "Words Cannot Describe How Happy I Am"

The moment I entered Dr. Broadway's office, there was an immediate atmosphere of comfort, welcome and a sense that I was most definitely in the right place on my quest to find the right surgeon for breast augmentation, a procedure that I had contemplated for many, many years. My husband and I were first greeted by Nicole, an incredibly warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable Patient Coordinator for Dr. Broadway. There were so many questions, concerns and fears that she answered one by one, with patience and clear evidence of comprehension of the procedure I was considering. Her professionalism and ability to answer all of my husband's questions (he can be difficult), gave me tremendous confidence that we were in the right place. Upon meeting Dr. Broadway, I was overcome by his incredible kindness, attentiveness and genuine concern over exactly what I was looking for in terms of breast augmentation.

Once I had my date for surgery set, things were set in motion to prepare me for the big day. I had a sense of truly being cared for as a patient, with several of Dr. Broadway's staff working with me in preparation. Other staff were walking me through all of the steps of preparation, such as getting blood work done, ensuring I was hydrating, and completing a post-op mammography. When the day of the surgery came, once again, I felt completely at ease, completely trusting that I was in the right hands.

My Results

As I write this, I still become a bit emotional about how words just cannot describe how happy I am with the results of Dr. Broadway's surgery. To be able to look in the mirror and see an aspect of my femininity that perhaps was not there "naturally," but nonetheless, has been brought to life through the incredible skill and care of a dedicated surgeon, is one of the greatest gifts one could give or receive. The results make me feel beautiful and inspire me to continue to try to be the best person I can be, in all aspects of my life.

I will recommend Dr. Broadway to ANYONE who is considering plastic surgery. I was truly blessed to find him and his staff.

With Warm Regards,


"Exceeded My Expectations" 

I recently elected to have breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Broadway. I could not be happier with the results of the surgery. Dr. Broadway has a true ability to create remarkably natural results. After nursing two children and losing a significant amount of weight, there was little left to work with. My goal was a simple improvement; however, Dr. Broadway far exceeded my expectations with beyond stunning results. As a professional I sincerely appreciated the very thorough and efficient staff on Dr. Broadway’s team. A prompt recovery was an added benefit of the well executed surgery.

Dr. Broadway would be my first recommendation to family and friends looking to make an improvement in their physique. A significant amount of time went into searching for the best surgeon to make this investment into myself. I made a great choice in selecting Dr. Broadway and his team to complete this transformation. Dr. Broadway has an unmatched eye for symmetry and natural form. – NH


Read Anna's Breast Augmentation Story – "I Chose the PERFECT Doctor"

I cannot tell your prospective patients enough about Dr. Broadway's office and my personal journey with my breast augmentation. I LOVE the results. It can be so daunting to do the research, evaluate the benefits vs. risks, let alone choose a doctor you trust with your life and body.

My research began about six years before I actually got the surgery done, and I am beyond thrilled that I found Dr. Broadway. I did not enter into this procedure lightly (although I wish I could've — I'm a VERY analytical person, so I had to weigh pros and cons and physicians for years).

Two kids later, I came to the time that was right for me. Dr. Broadway's staff was so reassuring and NEVER pressuring. No matter how many questions I had, they were patient and accommodating.

I LOVED the responsiveness of Nicole and Dr. Broadway's staff prior to surgery, and Amy and Dr. Broadway have been AMAZING after surgery. It is a life-change, so there is a LOT to consider. I am so grateful that I chose the PERFECT doctor with the PERFECT staff and the PERFECT size implant for me. They NEVER pushed for one result or the other — they just made it clear that the only result they wanted to achieve was the result that I wanted for myself.

There are risks involved, and the best thing you can do to avoid those risks is to choose Dr. Broadway and follow his instructions!

I can't wait for swimsuit season, and one of my dearest friends has already scheduled her consult!!!  🙂

Thanks to all of you.





Anonymous Breast Augmentation Story – "Couldn't Be Happier"

I want Dr. Broadway to know that I couldn't be happier with the results and your staff. From the consultation to the post-op appointments I truly had a great experience with your office. After meeting with Dr. Broadway, there was no need to go to any other consultations. I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Broadway is such an incredible doctor, and I am so glad I chose him. He genuinely cares about his patients and spent so much time with me, even though I know he has a very busy schedule. It is apparent that ethical behavior is incredibly important to him, and his patients' health is his main concern. It's no wonder his complication rates are extremely low. I feel very fortunate that I found a doctor that cared so much about my health and at the same time gave me unbelievable results.

Dr. Broadway, I hope you know how much you have changed my life. I feel great about myself and no longer shy away when my husband touches my chest. My wedding was amazing, and I felt so confident in my form fitting dress. I was also able to truly enjoy my honeymoon and being in a swimsuit. I didn't have to worry about what to wear or feel insecure at the beach. I feel much more feminine, and clothes and bras actually fit me. I want to stay as fit as possible now, whereas before the surgery I felt what was the point because no matter how much I worked out, I thought I still didn't look womanly and sexy. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for caring about my safety and for the beautiful and natural results!

I was measured before our honeymoon and found out I am a 34D! I am so happy with the size, it's perfect! Thank you so much Nicole for the advice and guidance . . . 200-225 would have been way too small for me. I look forward to doing after pictures with Body Photage. Thank you again for everything and please let Dr. Broadway know how grateful I am 🙂


 "Don't Change a Thing—You Guys Are the Leaders in Your Field"

Dr. Broadway—his demeanor, credentials, bed side manner—is a man I felt I could entrust with my body and my life. He had a candid approach backed by solid facts, research, data and a no B.S., tell-it-like-it-is delivery. He is kind, sensitive and listens. He seems to be the best in his field and knows how to run a facility that is an extension of his beliefs and core values. Everything about the bod:evolve facility and staff are a reflection of his high class, superior reputation. Don’t change a thing—you guys are the leaders in your field. Other practices should watch and learn. Shame on them for not offering the same level of service, team work, professionalism and patient care. – H



"Couldn't Believe Nicole Stayed with Me as Long as Necessary to Answer Questions"

I couldn’t have found a better facility or staff to perform this surgery for me. From the very first consultation, I never once felt that the staff was rushing on to the next patient. I honestly believe that Nicole would have stayed with me as long as necessary to answer any of the questions I had, and she also took all the time needed to find the look that I wanted for my implants. The surgical staff was even better! I had the most awesome nurse prep me for my surgery. I was informed of everything that was going to happen, and the conversation was always light and comforting. I love the results, and I have had almost NO pain at all. Dr. Broadway and his staff are wonderful! I am truly grateful for all the care that they gave me and LOVE the results! I am only three weeks out and am already VERY happy! – T



"Very Professional and Friendly Staff"

The very first time I walked into Dr. Broadway’s office, I felt at ease and very comfortable. His staff was very professional and very friendly. I knew I wanted to finally go through with my surgery. I have done a lot of research on breast implants/surgery and I knew as soon as I had my first appointment with Dr. Broadway I finally found the best surgeon to make my dream come true. My surgery went great, and the healing was FAST for me. I would recommend to everyone that this is the BEST decision you can ever make. Dr. Broadway and his staff made my experience one of the best memories of my life. I thank you Dr. Broadway and staff!



"Made Me Feel so Comfortable—I Never Felt Rushed or Pressured"

I cannot recommend Dr. Broadway enough! He is truly an exceptional physician and surgeon. My whole experience, from consultation to post operation, with Dr. Broadway and his staff was absolutely wonderful. He and Nicole made me feel so comfortable and answered any and all questions I had about the procedure. Dr. Broadway was honest, and I did not feel pressured about sizing or doing the surgery. I felt 100% comfortable with Dr. Broadway as my surgeon and did not need to get other consultations. I knew right away he was the doctor for me! His staff was very patient with me while I chose an implant size. I initially felt a little overwhelmed with so many options, but after talking with Dr. Broadway and his staff I was able to choose the PERFECT size for me. I never felt rushed or pressured. They all helped me tremendously, and I greatly appreciate all their advice and help. The surgery staff was amazing too. This being my first surgery, I was quite nervous and didn't know what to expect. They put all my nerves at ease and took great care of me. I was surprised at how simple the whole procedure was for me. The entire surgery experience was so wonderful. I absolutely LOVE my results! He gave me so much more self confidence. I have received so many compliments since the surgery, and I always boast about Dr. Broadway. Dr. Broadway did a phenomenal job and is a superb surgeon. I truly feel blessed and am so grateful to have him as my physician and surgeon. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone considering surgery! Thank you again Dr. Broadway and staff!




"Incredible Job" 

I was involved in a car accident in 1998 when I was 16 years old. I incurred a substantial laceration to the left side of my face after striking the windshield. Dr. Broadway was called in from the hospital I was taken to to repair the laceration. To this day I am thankful for him and the incredible job he did. I have people in my life that don't even notice that I have a scar now. I was so fortunate to have Dr. Broadway on my team. I can't imagine what the results would have been without an amazing surgeon such as he. Thanks!



"I'm 100% Satisfied with My Surgery"

I had breast augmentation about one year ago. At first I didn't think it was what I thought it would be. I wanted bigger and better… or so I thought. A year later I can honestly say I am 100% satisfied with my surgery, and I'm THRILLED that Dr. Broadway assisted with my decision. I would recommend him to ANYONE that has been considering this. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Dr. Broadway and his lovely staff for all their help! xoxox



"Surpassed Expectations"

Everything about my experience at Dr. Broadway's office surpassed my expectations. I had been going back and forth on breast augmentation for well over five years, and finally decided to go through with it three months ago. From the first consultation, I was very impressed by Dr. Broadway and his staff. Everyone was very warm and welcoming and answered all of my questions (and more) in a professional and sincere manner. They were also very helpful with selecting the size of implant I wanted. While the other two consultations I went to urged to go larger than I wanted, Dr. Broadway and his staff guided me to a more realistic size based on my expectations. To say that I am overjoyed with the results is an understatement. Dr. Broadway's care and attention to every detail shows through in the results, and I could not be happier. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in breast augmentation to Dr. Broadway.



"Nicole Was Very Patient and Kind" 

I wanted to pass along my recent experience with Dr. David Broadway on October 22, 2012. I had my initial consultation with Dr. Broadway and Nicole on September 11, 2012. I found both of them to be extremely helpful and friendly and answered all of my questions and concerns. I was debating whether to have a lift alone or to accompany that with implants. I also had extra breast tissue under my right arm pit area I had been told by several other doctors could never be removed. Dr. Broadway was confident that he could remove it with no adverse effects other than a scar which he would do his best to hide, and did. The pre-op appointment went well also, and we set my surgery date.

In the month before my surgery I went back and forth debating whether to go with implants or not. Nicole was very patient and kind and didn't push me one way or another. She even suggested I have a follow-up phone conversation with Dr. Broadway about my concerns since I live an hour away and couldn't just "pop" in. Dr. Broadway called me and once again answered all of my questions. Nicole even gave me info to be able to talk with other women who had similar procedures to help ease my mind.

I didn't decide until the day of my surgery not to go with implants and to just do the lift. Since I had already paid in full I requested a refund of the balance and had no problems getting that back either. Initially Dr. Broadway told me without implants I may not have the superior fullness I was looking for, but that I would see a significant improvement with the lift alone. To my surprise, I have everything I had hoped and looked for with just the lift. Even Dr. Broadway says the superior fullness is there and is beautiful. He was able to remove the extra tissue, and I couldn't be happier! I'm approaching week two of recovery and am doing very well, already planning my next procedure to do some tummy lipo. Dr. Broadway is amazing and has changed the way I look at myself in the mirror now. I couldn't be happier and am so happy I found him! I highly recommend him!



"Absolutely Incredible!"

From the first consultation to the follow up visits, everyone at bod:evolve was absolutely incredible! The staff and surgeon were friendly and courteous, explaining everything very clearly—and including just the right touch of humor, especially when I needed it most, just before surgery and the uneasiness set in. I am extremely pleased with my results and would recommend Dr. Broadway to anyone who is considering similar surgery. I have experienced no pain and very little discomfort. I was a bit surprised at my first look in the mirror the day after surgery—I didn't realize my head would be swathed in bandages. Goodness, I wished for a back exit. But when they were removed the next day, what excitement I felt. I would do this again and again. I have thought about this surgery for years and am so glad I took the step.


"Helped Me Conquer My Anxiety"

Dr. Broadway and Staff-

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for making my surgical experience an easy and comfortable one. I'm sure you get a lot of clients throughout the year, and yet you made me feel like I was the most important one. Thank you for that. I was feeling pretty insecure when I first stepped into your office, yet you all have a genuineness about you that inspires trust. Most important.

For me, this has been a long journey that started after having three children followed by a hysterectomy at the age of 26, which threw me into "surgical menopause." No matter how much exercise or dieting I did, my stomach just continued to grow more distended and lax. After 19 years, I had finally come to terms with it, thinking that I would just make healthy choices for myself and live my life as best I could, and that would be that.

Then, 2+ years ago, my dear sweet husband brought home a brochure for abdominoplasty by Dr. Broadway and said I could do this if I wanted. I was so excited. I went in for my consultation, made my appointment and paid my down payment. But then I began to develop anxiety over the whole thing. It had been so long since I had been through a surgery. I was really fearful. I also realized that the timing wasn't good as I had three kids graduating college, and I couldn't get enough time off at work and stuff like that, so I postponed it.

Two years later, my husband pointed out that we were empty nesters, and I was retired so what was I waiting for? So I made the appointment once again and just dealt with my anxiety and nervousness. But I have to tell you that you guys were just awesome. You were very good about getting the information out to me that I needed, about controlling the pain (of which I can't really remember ever having), about the actual surgery, about what I should expect, about my choices of anesthesia (I chose the epidural and was nervous about that too, and don't remember it either), and you were all so cheerful and confident that I felt cheerful and confident.

The relief I felt when it was all over was absolutely huge. I knew my old journey was over and a new one was beginning and well, you just cannot know how grateful I am. And it might seem vain to some people, but I believe that everyone needs to look and feel good about themselves, and if there is an opportunity, one should give some serious thought about taking it. Anyway, again, all I can say is thank you and good luck with the office move. Moving is pretty stressful in itself without doing it over the holidays. Merry Christmas, and I will see you soon for another follow-up. – J


"Exceeded Expectations"

I am post surgery 24 hours now and wanted to pass along my kudos to my surgeon and his staff. I selected Dr. David Broadway, and when I consulted with him, I was amazed! He was 100% on time, brought me back into his office himself and was very comfortable and un-pretentious.

He thoroughly outlined all the risks as well as the differences between the different types of implants and the different approaches he takes. He prefers one method over the others, but will do whatever the patient wants. I had gone on two other consults before him and knew that he was the one. I immediately scheduled my surgery for three and a half weeks later.

In the following weeks, I had my pre-op, blood work, etc. I went in yesterday, and the staff from beginning to end was nothing but outstanding! The pre-op nurse was great, the OR nurses and nurse anesthetist were great! I did not have general, only twilight, but I remember nothing from heading out of pre-op until I woke up in recovery.

The recovery experience was great. They kept asking if I was in pain and gave me plenty of pain meds to control it. I went home and was very comfortable. The anesthetist called me that night to check on me, and I had my post-op this morning, and Dr. Broadway's staff was amazing again.

I work in healthcare myself and was just blown away by Broadway's staff as well as the day of surgery at Centennial Medical Center. They were the utmost in professionalism, compassion and customer service. So far, this entire experience has far exceeded my expectations (which are pretty high). We will see what happens in the next few weeks—hopefully my recovery will continue to go well, and my new breasts will settle into place. – S


"Wonderful Experience" 

I am a new patient of Dr. Broadway’s and had such a wonderful experience with him and his office that I felt I should share it with you. I’ve wanted a breast enlargement for years. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and research plastic surgeons in my Denver area to see if there was anyone reputable available for me. Every review I read on Dr. Broadway was favorable and impressive. He’s triple board certified, and every pre-op meeting that I had with him I was positive that I had made the right decision and picked the best doctor.



"My Breasts Look so Natural, I Am so Happy"

He was extremely professional and answered each and every one of my questions. The computer imaging system that his staff uses depicts “before” and “after” images, and I really found that helpful because I had never had an elective surgery procedure before. The staff was very knowledgeable, and I found that comforting. My surgery went off without a hitch, and Dr. Broadway made me feel very comfortable. He explained how I would feel afterwards and what I should expect in the future.
My breasts look so natural, and I am so happy!! I highly recommend him. – JS


"Humble Doctor that Understood My Goals" 

I had an exceptional experience, no pain, quick recovery and a perfect result! I am very pleased and want more work as funds allow. I am beyond satisfied with all the staff. My biggest criteria was having a humble doctor that understood my goal and was not pushing his image of perfect. Dr. Broadway understood my frame, scale and vision. Thank you! – K



"Dr. Broadway Is a Perfectionist"

My experience with Dr. Broadway far exceeded my expectations. I had breast augmentation with a breast lift. My results were better than I could have ever imagined them being. The staff and medical team in this office are exceptional. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Broadway listened to my wishes, was very honest with me and took his time during the surgery to give me the best results possible. I am extremely happy with how the whole process went and definitely with the results. Dr. Broadway is a perfectionist, and I see that in my results. Thank you Dr. Broadway and staff for EVERYTHING!



"Finding the Perfect Plastic Surgeon Is a lot like Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress"

In a lot of ways, finding the perfect plastic surgeon is a lot like finding the perfect wedding dress. It is one of those moments when you just know what the right decision is. When it comes to your body, that instant connection is vital. After consulting with three other surgeons in the Denver area, I met with Nicole and Dr. Broadway. I knew right away that he would be the perfect surgeon for me. The other surgeons were great, but Dr. Broadway actually listened to what I wanted. After all, it is my body. I had small breasts for years (34A), and I wanted to go larger, not huge, but just enough to hold up a strapless dress and actually feel sexy in lingerie. I didn't want to have gigantic breasts that looked obnoxious and fake. Dr. Broadway understood that, and I was very pleased with the fact that he was all about making my breasts look natural on my body.

Upon having surgery, I have just that. I have gotten so many compliments on how great my breasts look from both family and old friends, to the new ones I have met this past year. When I tell new friends that I had breast augmentation, they are shocked. They look THAT natural and real. They don't overwhelm my petite figure, and they aren't giant torpedos sitting right under my chin. My breasts are just the right amount of "perky," the way God intended them to be if they were a few sizes bigger to begin with. Since my surgery, I have talked with other women who have undergone the same surgery from different surgeons. Two of my friends have nipples that point in different directions. One had her surgery over two years ago and can barely feel a thing to this day. Another woman had surgery in January and had to have another surgery done over Thanksgiving because one breast was higher than the other.

I know this can happen to anyone, but Dr. Broadway's attention to detail, knowledge of the surgery, and concern for his patients led me to have a beautiful, smooth, worry-free surgery. The drains he put in after the surgery helped tremendously with the swelling and the pain (I actually only took Tylenol after the surgery due to my weak stomach and was off of it after the first week)! I would recommend and have recommended Dr. Broadway to anyone and everyone. I could not be happier with my results! Sometimes when you know, you just know 🙂 Dr. Broadway, Nicole, and the rest of the staff at the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery, I honestly can't thank you enough – CP



"Felt at Ease With the Staff – Knowing How Supportive They All Were"

Dr. Broadway's credentials and office led me to believe this was the best choice. The brochures and letters were very informative and helpful in the decision making process. The constant communication was great. It helped put me at ease knowing if I had any questions or concerns that I could contact the office. Also, I felt at ease with the staff knowing how supportive they all were with the decision to have surgery. Lastly, I truly appreciated the surgeon's conservative approach to the surgery. Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Broadway. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! – CC

I choose Dr. Broadway based on my ability to communicate with him, as well as each staff member I interacted with during all of my office visits. Other offices lacked professionalism and sincerity, and they were not service oriented. – Anonymous



Dr. Broadway exceeded our expectations in all areas. Thank you! – JN



I couldn’t have asked for a better plastic surgeon! – AP



I had plastic surgery about five years ago, and I’m the happiest person in the world! I feel so confident about myself and would love to have more surgery done. Dr. Broadway is the best! – MR




I interviewed two other surgeons and choose Dr. Broadway because of expertise and board certifications, his communication style and attentiveness to my questions, and his professional staff who were extremely personable and helpful.




Dr. Broadway and his staff were WONDERFUL! I would recommend his services to anyone. They have been a wonderful and caring team. The staff is very knowledge and extremely helpful in answering all my questions. – CN


Your staff and office are incredible! Everyone is professional, kind, informative and reassuring! I also liked how well everyone seems to get along. Everyone seemed quite happy to be there. That’s very important for a patient to see, in my opinion. – RT




I knew I didn’t have to look any further. Dr. Broadway’s office was new and modern, your staff was young, knowledgeable and kind, and Dr. Broadway was very helpful and did not pressure me. You were all great! Thanks for everything! – CP



I immediately felt comfortable when I walked through the door, and I did not need to look anywhere else. Thank you! – AK



I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Broadway. From my very first consultation until now, five years later, my experience has been professional, warm and welcoming. Dr. Broadway possesses what every doctor should: kindness, truthfulness and talent. He doesn't promise what he cannot deliver. He listened to me, understood my concerns and educated me so I went in to the procedure confident that I was in very capable hands. His staff is all so nice. Dr. Broadway is the only doctor I can recommend to my friends who are thinking of getting some sort of enhancement. My results look natural, and in fact, people who didn't know me before have no clue I've had an augmentation. He and his practice are, without a doubt, the very best.




I chose Dr. Broadway's office because of the referrals and work he had done on a number of people I had spoken with. Before and after surgery, the care that I received made me feel like I was at the Four Seasons. I have shared this first class office with all of my friends and family. I honestly believe I have never had a better experience! Thank you! – KW 



A calming and reassuring surgeon who knew on exam what I wanted, didn’t over promise and helped me feel confident that I was making a good decision. I left feeling he was very competent. – J




Dr. Broadway and his staff are amazing! I am usually not the "blogger" type, but this was such a great and positive experience I wanted to share. The results of my breast augmentation exceeded my high expectations. Dr. Broadway listened to what I wanted and performed it to perfection. His friendly staff was there to assist me every step of the way! I could not be happier with choosing Dr. Broadway.




I had a tummy tuck in April 2008 and a breast augmentation in May 2008. Words cannot express how grateful and pleased I am with Dr. Broadway and his staff! He is truly worthy of the title "Best of the Best!" He does professional and great work, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat! – LP




The whole experience was professional! From the consultation to the surgery to the post op visits. Extremely professional, wonderful, caring staff and beautiful office! Dr. Broadway is fantastic! Thank you so much! – K




My entire experience was a joy from beginning to end. I am thrilled with my results and with my decision to have my procedure with Dr. Broadway at bod:evolve. – N




My experience with Dr. Broadway and his staff was first class. I have recommended his office to many of my own patients (I am a dermatologist) for breast augmentation and other elective procedures. I can't thank all of the staff enough! – A




Thank you Dr. Broadway and staff! You guys were amazing, and everyone was so great! I have never been to an office where I was treated with utmost respect from the start! I will recommend you to anyone I know. Thanks again for being so amazing! – B



I would like to thank everyone who helped me through this wonderful, life changing process. Thank you to Dr. Broadway and all of his staff. Everyone in the office and surgical center were great! -Anonymous



After the consultation we had no doubt that he was the surgeon for me. I am so pleased with my results! My husband loves them, and I love how I feel in clothes (they actually fit now). I hope you know how much the whole experience meant to myself and my husband. I was a little apprehensive since I have never had plastic surgery done before, but everyone made me feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in the surgery. Thank you — I absolutely love the results! – Anonymous




I chose Dr. Broadway after researching and because of what a great experience a friend of mine had with his office. None of the other plastic surgeons I looked at compared to Dr. Broadway. I came into this office with very high expectations due to what a previous patient told me; therefore, I expected to have a little disappointment. Knowing this, my expectations were still met and even exceeded! – Anonymous


Your office is a real gem, a precious jewel in a world of cookie cutter surgical offices with cool and aloof staff with fast mentalities! Dr. Broadway has many patients, but when he sees you, his focus, attention to detail and thorough consultation is all about finding the best result for you. He is remarkable! – J




Dr. Broadway is an amazing doctor, and I’m so happy with the results. No regrets! Thank you! – J




The entire experience from start to finish was/has been fantastic! I do not have enough great things to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! – A




A top notch team. From walking into the office, to surgery, through all the post op follow ups. The surgical team was fantastic! If it wasn't "surgery," it would have been an enjoyable experience! The care that Dr. Broadway gives is exceptional. Also, the way he kept my husband informed during the procedure was much appreciated. – S




I just wanted to thank you very, very much. You are the most wonderfully fabulous, excellent surgeon. I love my breast augmentation. It has only been two months since my surgery, and they are beautiful. They look and feel so natural. My female friends that have seen them cannot believe how natural they look. Then they ask for your name. Of course my boyfriend loves them! You are amazing! Thank you again Dr. Broadway! I could not be happier! Your staff is also exceptional! – KL




It was an amazing experience. The staff is so very gracious. I absolutely love the staff, and I could never say enough wonderful things about Dr. Broadway! I would do it again without a doubt! It was so worth it! – C




I spoke with random people who had surgery with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Broadway and then continued to do lots of research on him. I loved him at the consultation! Fabulous! Awesome! Great! Wonderful! – L




I sincerely appreciated Dr. Broadway’s approach to my surgery. I felt safe and that he really wanted to have the best results possible. I felt he really worked to give me that too. – L




The "muffin top" and I can now fit into my clothes again! I'm thrilled with my results… and I know I'm still swollen, but I'm amazed already.

I just wanted to thank Dr. Broadway, the nurses, receptionists and staff for all your care and professionalism. Everyone collectively made my experience decent, comfortable and supportive. Thank you again. I tell everyone about you guys! – A




With sincere appreciation and warmest thank you to you Dr. Broadway and your wonderful staff! You have shown much concern and care during my surgery process. Words cannot express my gratitude. I will certainly recommend you to everybody that is interested in all the many things that you do at the Broadway Center. Thanks again so much! – B




Dear Broadway Center, I just wanted to thank Dr. Broadway and your staff for doing a fantastic job. The liposuction on my tummy is a miracle! You have been great, and I appreciate your professionalism and reassuring words that everything will be fine. I would recommend your service anytime. Thanks kindly, and I'm so glad I went through with the surgery and all. – P




Dr. Broadway and staff, thank you all for your kindness. I will always refer friends and family to the BEST doctor and staff ever! – J




I will always refer my friends to see Dr. Broadway when they want the best in cosmetic surgery. You are a great group of friends. – L




Dr. Broadway, all of his plastic surgery staff members, and the surgical nurses were exceptional. They were professional, personable, eager to make me feel comfortable and always kept me informed—not to mention how knowledgeable everyone is. I was beyond well taken care of. You all exceeded my expectations. You are truly extraordinary in the services you provide. Thank you! – W




Dr. Broadway and staff—I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my best friend. You did a great job on my eyes years ago, and I did not hesitate to recommend you when my friend was making the decision to have a facelift. You were so kind to her, and she looks great! – S




Thank you for taking the time to check on patients as they recover. It is very thoughtful and caring. – C




My deep appreciation for your kindness, skill and attention. Know that everything during my experience with you and your staff was a true measure of excellence. I am grateful for the results and for the knowledge I gained from watching your staff and experiencing the professional skills and compassion of a remarkable physician. I benefited in more ways than simply from the surgical results. – Dr. H




I chose Dr. Broadway because I felt confident in his desire to produce natural results. My biggest concern was that I did not want to go with too big of an implant, and he gave me the parameters to assure that the implant size I chose would fit my body. I look so natural, not too big, and not too small. – E




I was concerned about several things prior to surgery: cost, recovery time and end result. All of my fears and concerns were addressed thoroughly and professionally. I couldn't be happier! My husband makes fun of how often I stop and look at myself in the mirror. Thank you Dr. Broadway and your tremendous staff. – J




Thank you so much to all the beautiful ladies employed by Dr. Broadway. You are all just so wonderful and kind! – P




I really enjoyed meeting Dr. Broadway and his staff. There were no surprises during the entire process. Every aspect of the surgery and recovery was explained in detail. I am extremely happy with the final result. Thank you Dr. Broadway and staff. – H




Thank you Dr. Broadway for the excellent job you did on my surgery. And thank you to the staff for their great care and encouragement both before and after surgery. I am so happy with my "new look!" – P




Dr. Broadway, I absolutely love the results with my breast augmentation and recommend you to any woman who has ever wanted to or thought about doing this. Everyone was very helpful and informative. The staff did an outstanding job of making sure I felt comfortable with everything. All questions were answered fully. I especially enjoyed seeing the other patients' before and after pictures… it gave me great hope! I knew I was in great hands! This was the best decision I could have ever made for myself! Thank you, thank you, thank you all! – J




My consult with Dr. Broadway made me feel so comfortable. His demeanor and professionalism came through so adamantly. I knew there would be no need to go on a "doctor hunt." – L




I recommend Dr. Broadway to everyone! He is much more than a surgeon, he is a gifted artist. I love Dr. Broadway's staff! You are all great, and I believe Dr. Broadway, that your staff is a wonderful reflection of who you are as a man. If anyone wants a recommendation, please have them call me. – P




Dr. Broadway and his staff made me and my husband feel very comfortable. We are both very pleased, and I achieved the results I wanted. I have received numerous compliments. – V




When I came for the consultation, I had such a positive experience and felt so comfortable, I didn’t see any reason to go to any other surgeon. – T




I felt that what I wanted to achieve was in line with Dr. Broadway. Other surgeons tried to talk me into getting bigger implants—implants that I would not be comfortable with. I love Dr. Broadway, and I will absolutely choose him again for any future needs I may have. Thank you all for such a wonderful experience. – H




My transformation was the most positive experience ever. Everyone from the receptionist to Dr. Broadway, his nurses, the surgical team and Liz contributed to my beautiful result, and I will forever be grateful! – T.F.




Dr. Broadway and his staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I am very confident with my choice of doctors as well as the procedure to be performed. Nicole Chyr, Dr. Broadway's assistant, was prompt in answering all of my follow-up questions and made me feel confident in the procedure to be performed. Overall, I was very impressed with my initial appointment. I would highly recommend Dr. Broadway to anyone.




I appreciate that your staff remembers my name. They all know so much; they made me feel comfortable every minute. Dr. Broadway's attention to detail and amazing talent changed my life. Thank you all so much for doing what you do every day. -D