Why Breast Measurements are Important for Breast Augmentation

Once you have decided to have breast augmentation surgery, your next big decision is what size breast implants are right for you. There are many considerations to take into account before choosing implant size.

What You Should Consider:

  • How your body is shaped
  • Your personal goals for the procedure
  • How you want your breasts to look in your clothing
  • What aspects you want to improve about your breasts
  • If you want a subtle or obvious change in your appearance

Taking Time to Make Your Decision

Taking time to decide on the right size of breast implants for you is important for a number of reasons. You will want to make sure the implants are harmonious with your natural curves and that you still look like you after the procedure. You will also want to choose the size that gets you the results you desire. Taking extra time to decide on a breast implant size lessens the chance of you wanting another breast augmentation procedure in the future.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, several breast measurements will help Dr. Broadway guide you in selecting the best implant for your physique as well as which one your body can accommodate. Often times, women select an implant size that is too big for what their body can accommodate. This can lead to aesthetic issues after surgery often requiring a second procedure. Taking the time to learn what your body can accommodate, and why, will help lead you to a beautiful breast augmentation result. Dr. Broadway will take the time to listen to your goals and provide the best guidance to ensure a positive result.

To avoid choosing the wrong implant size, Dr. Broadway takes time to discuss your goals with you in a personal consultation. You will want to be as honest and open as possible with Dr. Broadway. Tell him your goals for the procedure and the results you are looking for. He will be able to guide you with your decision by taking exact measurements of your body.

Measurements for Breast Implants

Dr. Broadway is one of the first Quadruple Board Certified plastic surgeons in Denver to offer the Vectra 3-D Breast Imaging System. This advanced and unique system uses a special camera to photograph your breasts. The images taken of your breasts are uploaded to a computer that maps your anatomy. An accurate depiction of your breasts is created. Unfortunately this system is not accurate for women that have ptosis (droopy breasts).

Dr. Broadway takes exact measurements of your body and programs these measurements, along with specific features of your body, into the computer. He also programs the computer to simulate how your breasts will look with the size of implant you decide you want. The computer creates a 3-D image of your breasts with the exact size and placement of implants.

You can view how your breasts will look after the breast augmentation surgery from several angles because of the sophisticated 3-D imaging technology. This will help you determine if the size of breast implants you wanted is the right size. You can see how you will look with larger or smaller implants.

Vectra 3-D Breast ImagingPhoto of the Vectra 3-D Breast Imaging machine including patient.