Fear and Loathing for Popped Implants

popped implants

From Connecticut to Colorado to California, one looming fear stands in the way for those who want breast augmentation surgery: what happens if they pop? This possibility is one which scares some people away from breast enhancement surgery with very little basis. Everyone has watched an […]

Will Your New Breast Implants Save You From Drowning?


Since the dawn of time, man has struggled to answer two questions: “What is the meaning of life?” and “Do fake boobs float?” Ask any woman with her natural breasts and she’ll likely tell you that they float a little, about enough to sit on top of […]

How To Prevent a Botched Boob Job

botched boob job

It can happen to anybody. Waking up from plastic surgery and realizing that the result is less than ideal. There is even a show dedicated to all different kinds of botched cosmetic procedures. With breast implants gaining in popularity with each passing year, how do […]

Dressing Your Nipples for Success

nip slip

Whether you’re trying to cover them up or show them off, nipples factor into a woman’s wardrobe. Nipples will either add a sexy suggestion or an unwelcome distraction to your outfit. In many cases, it’s okay to reveal most of your breast but nipples are considered […]

Breast Implants Come to Life with VECTRA 3D Imaging

When it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures, breast implants are the most common. Plus, they continue to rise in popularity year after year. With such a huge number that consider undergoing cosmetic surgery, there are surprisingly few ways to imagine what you’d look like afterward. Stuffing a bra just doesn’t give the same effect as […]

Breast Implant History

breast implant history

Would you get breast implants in 1895? The answer is most likely no. Believe it or not, that was the year of the very first breast implant surgery. The procedure has come a long way since then. In fact, a lot of people go back […]

Sizing Up? Things You Should Know

breast size

An innumerable amount of people are unhappy with certain aspects of their body. Breast size is among the top, with augmentations being one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. Sometimes, women notice a change in breast size and shape after childbirth. This could be a […]

Patient Recovery


Virtually every patient we see for a consultation about cosmetic surgery will have questions about their post-operative recovery. Typically, they want to know how long they should expect to have discomfort and when they can resume their daily routines. These are completely understandable questions, especially here in […]

Keller Funnel

Keller Funnel

Keller Funnel

"I have been using the Keller Funnel for approximately 3 years and use it on all gel implant breast augmentation surgeries.  I believe that the funnel is a dramatic improvement in breast augmentation surgery technique. " – […]

Best Swimsuit Tops For Small Busts

Best Swimsuit Tops For Smaller Chested Women:

  • Push-up halter
  • Ruffle Bandeau
  • Underwire triangle top