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Mammary Masks Making Their Mark

mammary masks

Everyone has heard of a face mask. They’re sold at every corner store and can be made at home with simple grocery store products using any one of what seems like a million internet recipes. Fortunately, you can now give the girls some pampering as well. […]

Why Do I Have Man Boobs?

man boobs

Whenever the topic of breast surgery comes up, no matter their background, almost every person pictures the same thing: a female patient. However, there are a number of circumstances in which a man must undergo breast surgery for some reason. Whether it’s breast cancer (which does […]

Summer’s Shiniest Statement

jewel fashion

The hot weather is coming to an abrupt end as we near the first cold breaths of fall. However, it’s not too late to jump on board with the hottest festival trend of the summer. A sparkling sensation has stormed the scene this summer in the […]

Who Runs the Seven Kingdoms? Girls.

seven kingdoms

Good morning, ladies, and welcome to 2017 where we have awesome, complicated, intelligent, beautiful women on TV. Long gone are the days of the dumb blonde or the happy homemaker. A myriad of television shows and movies (we see you, Wonder Woman) are unveiling women who […]

The Deformity Doctors Don’t Know


With breast augmentation surgery remaining one of the most popular procedures in America, people might think surgeons know all there is to know about breasts. However, many plastic surgeons are just starting to recognize what seems to be a very common breast abnormality. Though more research is […]

Pregnancy Post-Surgery: Will My Implants Implode?

augmented breasts

Many women have hang ups when it comes to discussing how pregnancy will affect them after they have undergone a breast surgery. Luckily, there is no need to fear! We’ve compiled the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the […]

Fear and Loathing for Popped Implants

popped implants

From Connecticut to Colorado to California, one looming fear stands in the way for those who want breast augmentation surgery: what happens if they pop? This possibility is one which scares some people away from breast enhancement surgery with very little basis. Everyone has watched an […]

Will Your New Breast Implants Save You From Drowning?


Since the dawn of time, man has struggled to answer two questions: “What is the meaning of life?” and “Do fake boobs float?” Ask any woman with her natural breasts and she’ll likely tell you that they float a little, about enough to sit on top of […]

How To Prevent a Botched Boob Job

botched boob job

It can happen to anybody. Waking up from plastic surgery and realizing that the result is less than ideal. There is even a show dedicated to all different kinds of botched cosmetic procedures. With breast implants gaining in popularity with each passing year, how do […]

Dressing Your Nipples for Success

nip slip

Whether you’re trying to cover them up or show them off, nipples factor into a woman’s wardrobe. Nipples will either add a sexy suggestion or an unwelcome distraction to your outfit. In many cases, it’s okay to reveal most of your breast but nipples are considered […]