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Fear and Loathing for Popped Implants

popped implants

From Connecticut to Colorado to California, one looming fear stands in the way for those who want breast augmentation surgery: what happens if they pop? This possibility is one which scares some people away from breast enhancement surgery with very little basis. Everyone has watched an […]

Celebrity Boob Jobs

celebrity boob jobs

Celebrities are put on a pedestal, especially here in the United States. They have a huge impact on what society thinks is sexy because so many people look up to them. There is a huge number of Hollywood starlets who have undergone plastic surgery and […]

Dressing Your Nipples for Success

nip slip

Whether you’re trying to cover them up or show them off, nipples factor into a woman’s wardrobe. Nipples will either add a sexy suggestion or an unwelcome distraction to your outfit. In many cases, it’s okay to reveal most of your breast but nipples are considered […]

Swimsuits for any Size Chest

swimsuit tops

Something every woman dreads is possibly losing their bathing suit top while swimming. Sometimes, the most fashionable swimsuit top isn't necessarily the most practical for every woman. It’s best to know your body and pick out a swimsuit that will keep your ladies in tow. But that doesn’t mean you have […]

Sizing Up? Things You Should Know

breast size

An innumerable amount of people are unhappy with certain aspects of their body. Breast size is among the top, with augmentations being one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. Sometimes, women notice a change in breast size and shape after childbirth. This could be a […]

Silicone or Saline, how do you decide?

Implant material

Many women choose to go under the knife to enhance their chest. But with the choices presented to them, how do they choose the material? Making the choice between silicone or saline can be extremely difficult. This is especially true if you aren’t knowledgeable about the […]

Patient Recovery


Virtually every patient we see for a consultation about cosmetic surgery will have questions about their post-operative recovery. Typically, they want to know how long they should expect to have discomfort and when they can resume their daily routines. These are completely understandable questions, especially here in […]

Best Swimsuit Tops For Small Busts

Best Swimsuit Tops For Smaller Chested Women:

  • Push-up halter
  • Ruffle Bandeau
  • Underwire triangle top

Breastfeeding After Implants

Breast Feeding There are many women out there that are likely worried about breast implants interfering with their ability to engage in breastfeeding their children. This is a perfectly valid concern that we will try and address in this blog. In a recent article in […]

Upcoming Trends in Breast Augmentations and Implants



Every industry has various technologies and techniques. These technologies and techniques evolve over time and new products and procedures emerge to help improve how things are done. This is especially true with the breast augmentation and implant market. In the next couple of years, some upcoming […]