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Keller Funnel

Keller Funnel

Keller Funnel

"I have been using the Keller Funnel for approximately 3 years and use it on all gel implant breast augmentation surgeries.  I believe that the funnel is a dramatic improvement in breast augmentation surgery technique. " – […]

Breastfeeding After Implants

Breast Feeding There are many women out there that are likely worried about breast implants interfering with their ability to engage in breastfeeding their children. This is a perfectly valid concern that we will try and address in this blog. In a recent article in […]

Looking and Feeling Your Best is Very Important For Self Esteem


Let’s face it. Most of us like to look and feel our best no matter the occasion. It is part of being human and self conscious. That is one of the reasons why gyms are always busy, plastic surgery clinics are overflowing, and organic food flies off […]