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Are The Results Of Fat Transfers For Breast Augmentation Permanent?

Once it survives the initial transfer period, fat becomes part of your natural breast tissue. Therefore, the results can be essentially permanent. However, weight loss and other conditions that impact your natural breast tissue may also impact the transferred fat, affecting the quality of your results.

How Many Fat Transfer Treatments Are Necessary?

Because some of the transferred fat may not survive, you may require more than one treatment to get your desired results. Generally, no more than three treatments are necessary to give successful results.

How Is Fat Removed For The Fat Transfer Procedure?

Fat is removed from areas where it is not wanted by liposuction. The fat is then treated and injected in many small quantities. Using small injections allows Dr. David Broadway to precisely contour your breast and to improve the survival rate of transplanted fat.

Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Approved By The FDA And The ASPS?

The FDA does not approve medical procedures, but it has approved a number of technologies related to fat transfers for breast augmentation, and others are under evaluation. At the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery, we only use FDA-approved technologies, except in association with clinical trials.

In 2009, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released the […]

Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer What It Sounds Like?

Yes. This procedure increases the size of your breasts and may improve their shape by removing fat from unwanted areas and injecting it into your breasts.