Breast Implant Warranty

Sientra Limited Warranty and Product Replacement

Sientra's commitment to safety, innovation and beauty is their top priority. They are committed to exacting production standards and provide a level of protection unsurpassed in their industry. Dr. David Broadway prefers the superior quality of Sientra.

Warranty is covered if they were implanted:

  • according to the Sientra Breast Implant Directions for use (
  • by a board certified plastic surgeon.
  • in the United States after April 1, 2012.


  • up to $3,600 toward surgery, if needed due to a rupture within 10 years after your breast implant surgery
  • lifetime product replacement if your implant ruptures
  • free contralateral (opposite side) implant if needed

Does not include:

  • adverse events other than rupture
  • rupture caused by surgical procedure or physical trauma
  • removal for capsular contracture (tightening of the scar tissue around an implant that can result in breasts becoming firm and hard)

Mentor Advantage Limited Warranty and Product Replacement

Dr. David Broadway will occasionally use Mentor implants. Mentor does offer warranties on their saline and gel implants.

At no extra cost to you, Mentor’s MemoryGel® round breast implants come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

For implant surgeries on or after May 1, 2009, this warranty offers financial assistance for operating room, anesthesia and surgeon’s expenses up to $3,500 after your insurance pays its portion–if any.

These expenses must result from a rupture that is confirmed by Mentor to be due to loss of shell integrity within 10 years of the date of implant. At your surgeon’s request, Mentor will replace the ruptured implant to you for free throughout your lifetime.

For detailed information on available warranties, you can select your implant type and date of procedure at their website for your own peace of mind: Find my Mentor warranty –