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Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision corrects volume loss or restores the shape of the breasts. Loss of volume or change of shape could be due to a number of events from trauma to the chest to natural aging and sagging of the skin. Regardless of the reason, breast implant revision surgery can help women restore the ideal breasts they achieved through their initial surgery.

Common Reasons for Implant
Revision Surgery

There are a few common reasons women opt for altering their implants including:

  • wanting to increase or decrease implant size
  • wanting to improve the breasts’ natural feel and appearance
  • problems with the implant
  • malposition or asymmetry of the implant
  • rippling
  • symmastia, or loss of separation between the breasts
  • problems with patient’s tissue characteristics
  • areolas that appear too large
  • tuberous breasts or snoopy deformity (lower breast quadrant tightness)
  • thinning of the breast tissue
  • correcting capsular contractures
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Actual Patient
No matter the reason for revision, our main concern is providing patients with the look and feel they desire post-surgery.
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For patients who have grown dissatisfied with their breast augmentation over time or are experiencing problems, Dr. Broadway can discuss revision options. Note that it is important to know what type, size, and style of implant are in place from the initial surgery. Having this information will be helpful to both the patient and the surgeon making decisions about removal or replacement surgery.

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Every type of procedure will come with its own set of recovery challenges. For information on recovery after breast surgery, click the button below.

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