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Inverted Nipples

The average female nipple protrudes naturally, becoming more erect when cold or stimulated. However, around 1 in 5 women have inverted nipples, meaning protrusion does not occur. In fact, the nipple may even sink in as if pushed inside the breast by a finger. The nipple may become inverted with constricted, short milk ducts, or with fibrosis.

Information on Inverted Nipples

Women with significantly inverted nipples can sometimes experience problems with infections, rashes, or difficult nipple hygiene. Although there aren’t any known health risks associated with nipples that are inverted, some women can feel self-conscious about the way their inverted nipples appear.

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Some severely inverted nipples can cause issues breastfeeding or self-esteem issues to women affected.

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Surgical Intervention for Inverted Nipples

Plastic surgery may be the best solution to change the appearance of inverted nipples and can be achieved through local anesthesia. The nipples can sometimes be coaxed into a more protruding position by gently freeing up or breaking down these bands of connective tissue that hold the nipple in the inverted position. The procedure to correct nipples is a simple, outpatient surgery. The surgeon will create a small incision at the base of the nipple. Then, the fibers responsible for nipple retraction are spread out and released. The now projecting nipple is sutured to provide strength and stability and stents are placed over the nipple to ensure it does not retract during the healing process.

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