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Asymmetrical Breasts

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Uneven / Asymmetrical Breasts

The three major factors that determine breast appearance are the size, shape, and position of the breast and nipple. While it is not unusual for women to have one breast larger or shaped differently than the other, significant differences can cause self-esteem issues for some women.

Causes of
Asymmetrical Breasts

Breast asymmetries are often due to either genetic dispositions or events which cause the two breasts grow differently. Pregnancy, menopause, and nursing can all influence the size and shape of your breasts and contribute to asymmetry.

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Most changes for women with asymmetrical breasts are small, resulting in a less complicated surgery.
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Options for
Asymmetrical Breasts

Breast augmentation for uneven breasts may be approached in multiple ways. Breast asymmetry can be improved through:

Breast implants – Many of Dr. Broadway’s breast augmentation patients decide to go with two different size implants improve symmetry. This can be easily done with either silicone gel or saline breast implants. During a consultation, we guide patients to make a choices that will result in the most beautiful, symmetrical result possible.

Fat transfer to the breasts – The most advanced breast enhancement procedure is fat transfer to the breasts. This procedure allows Dr. Broadway to inject a patient’s fat to specified areas of the breast to enhance volume and provide more symmetry.

Breast Reduction – Dr. Broadway will remove breast tissue and skin in the larger breast to reduce size. Then, the breasts can be sculpted into the desired, symmetrical results desired.

Breast Lift – In some cases, ptosis (sagging) of one or both breasts can be addressed with a mastopexy or breast lift. This procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of asymmetry.

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Every type of procedure will come with its own set of recovery challenges. For information on recovery after breast surgery, click the button below.

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