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Vaser Hi Def Breast Sculpting

Ideal breasts have been sought after by artists and sculptures for centuries. Ample, symmetrical breasts have always been illustrated as a symbol of femininity and have continued to remain a fixation for both men and women. The ideal breasts are delicately balanced with picturesque form and subtle mobility. For years, women have been able to increase the size of their breasts through breast augmentation, which is a wonderful option to add volume to the breasts. However, some women tend to lose definition and soft curve of the implant due to an excess of fatty tissue in the axilla and lateral portion of the breasts. VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting is another option for those who want to improve the natural look and feel of their breasts without an implant.

Vaser Hi Def Breast Sculpting

This procedure not only removes fat to provide a more defined breast shape, but also causes skin contraction. Advanced technology is used to stimulate the skin, allowing it to contract similar to a “shrink wrap.” The tightening of the breast tissue results in a higher breast position. Women who have a milder degree of ptosis (breast sagging) will benefit most from this option because the procedure is not powerful enough for those with a significant amount of sagging. While not necessary, the VASER Hi Def Breast lift procedure provides the best result when combined with breast implants.

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Actual Patient

Vaser Technology in Breast Augmentation

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Procedure Benefits

VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting creates breasts which are custom-sculpted into a desired shape. The procedure can be combined with a breast implant as needed for volume. The contracted skin and breast tissue results in a very subtle, natural looking lift. Fatty tissue around the breasts is removed, thereby enhancing the breast volume and appearance. Unlike traditional liposuction, VASER Hi Def Liposuction reduces the risk of damaging blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. Similar to its sister procedure, this technique combines a strong understanding of the human body and years of training. To shape the most ideal breasts, the surgeon needs to have an incredibly honed aesthetic eye and use absolute precision regarding which fat cells to remove or leave in place. This results in tailored, sculpted breasts which are more appealing, rounder, more defined, and more youthful.

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Every type of procedure will come with its own set of recovery challenges. For information on recovery after breast surgery, click the button below.

More Information

VASER Hi Def Breast Benefits
  • The breasts are custom sculpted into a desired shape.
  • The procedure can be combined with a breast implant as needed for volume.
  • Breast tissue will contract, become tighter and result in a subtle breast lift.
  • Fatty tissue around the breasts is removed to enhance the breast volume and appearance.

Unlike traditional liposuction, VASER Hi Def Liposuction reduces the risk of damaging:

  • Blood vessels
  • Connective tissue
  • Nerves

This technique, similar to its sister procedure, VASER Hi Def Liposuction, combines a strong understanding of the human body and a great appreciation for the arts. To shape the most ideal breasts, the surgeon needs to have a highly trained aesthetic eye and absolute precision as to which fat cells to remove and from which to abstain. The result is a tailored, sculpted masterpiece that reveals the most appealing, round, defined, perky and youthful breasts.

Safe and Effective
VASER’s ultrasound technologies minimize injury to blood vessels as it loosens fat so there is less bleeding and bruising. Not only is VASER safe, but healing and recovery are faster and less painful than traditional versions of liposuction.
What To Expect During Your Initial Consultation

You should be prepared to discuss your procedure goals and evaluate your procedure options.

Your consultation can take anywhere from one hour to one and a half hours long, depending on the complexity of your situation and number of desired procedures.

Have ready any questions you may have for Dr. Broadway (some women prefer to have them written down). Dr. Broadway will thoroughly explain what is and what is not possible and what you can realistically expect from your procedure. All your questions and concerns will be discussed so that together you can decide what will be best for you.

You will also:

  • Be asked to fill out a detailed medical history form.
  • Discuss any past surgeries.
  • Discuss your current medical status.
  • Change into a gown so that Dr. Broadway and a staff member can examine and thoroughly measure you.
  • Look at before and after photos of previous patients who have undergone VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting.
  • Go over the final cost of your surgery fees with a staff member.
  • Discuss scheduling your procedure (you may choose a date at this time).
Preparing For Your Surgery

Dr. Broadway advises patients to be as close to their ideal weight as possible prior to surgery. Patients who are not at or near their ideal body weight are less likely to see optimal results. Dr. Broadway also advises you to begin a healthy diet and exercise regimen because the healthier you are going in to surgery, the better your recovery and results will be.

After Surgery
Following your surgery, you’ll recover in the Post Anesthetic Care Unit. We’ll provide you with comfortable intermittent pneumatic stockings to help your circulation and a forced air blanket to keep you warm. You can also enjoy cookies, crackers and refreshments while you relax after your surgery.

Our Renewal Surgery Center staff does an incredible job at ensuring you are well tended to, comforted and monitored during your recovery.

When you feel ready to go home (this is usually about an hour or two after your surgery), you will be helped into your ride’s vehicle. Your friend or relative who will be caring for you in the days following your surgery will then take you home.

FAQ About VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting

What is VASER?

VASER was originally pioneered for liposuction procedures. It is an ultrasound technology that safely assists the removal of fat from your body. This state-of-the-art procedure results in less pain, swelling, bruising, as well as a shorter healing period. VASER also offers surgeons great precision and detail when sculpting fat.

With traditional liposuction, surgeons were usually taught to leave one centimeter of fat below the skin, however with VASER, surgeons are now able to safely remove superficial fat–taking liposuction to the next level. This is done safely by the use of the VASER, which protects surrounding nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues.

How Does VASER Work?

A small incision is made in the region being operated on. Your surgeon will then inject the area with a sterile numbing solution that will aid in the fat removal process (also shrinks blood vessels to decrease any bleeding). A VASER ultrasonic probe will then target a very specific area, loosening the fat from its surrounding connective tissue. The fat can then be removed through a suction cannula.

Can Anyone Perform VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting?

Typically, no. This is a highly specialized procedure that was introduced in the U.S. by Dr. Broadway. Currently, he is one of a few plastic surgeons in Denver who offers this advanced breast sculpting procedure.

VASER Hi Def Lipo Technology

The most groundbreaking liposuction technology, the VASER Hi Def system, has transformed the way we think about liposuction and traditional liposuction techniques into liposculpture–the ability to literally sculpt a new and glamorous body shape. This advanced ultrasound technology literally loosens targeted fat for easier removal with such precision that Dr. Broadway is able to sculpt your body with contours that will show off your underlying muscles and shape. This is done around the breasts to give the illusion of larger, fuller and more perky breasts.

The VASER Hi Def ultrasound technology also helps safely shrink the surrounding skin to give you a firm, toned look. While deep fat can be removed for a more subtle change, VASER is able to remove superficial fat (near the skin’s surface) to provide striking results.

You May Be A Good Candidate If You
  • Are in good health.
  • Don’t have much fat to be removed.
  • Are seeking an alternative to breast augmentation.
  • Desire a subtle breast lift.
  • Have realistic goals.
  • Are at a healthy, steady weight.
8 Questions To Ask At Your Consultation
  • How do you perform this surgery?
  • How can I safely achieve my goals?
  • What are other options to achieve my goal results?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • What results can I expect?
  • How long will the results typically last?
  • Where will any scars be, and will they be noticeable?
  • When can I return to normal activity?
Day Of Surgery

Once you arrive at the surgery center, we will escort you to the Pre Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU) where Dr. Broadway and an anesthesia provider will welcome you.

One of our surgeons will draw on your skin (while you sit upright) to indicate the desired incisions, changes and measurements for your VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting procedure. Your anesthesia provider can offer IV sedation or a general anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout your procedure. Make sure you have plenty of button-down blouses or front opening robes or nightwear ready and laid out for when you return home.

VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting Cost:

Cost will be discussed during your initial consultation. You may receive an approximate quote over the phone, but Dr. Broadway can provide you with a more accurate estimate once he has met with you.

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